ISO 10001-2007

ISO 10001-2007

Certifications for Customer Satisfaction Management System Services

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important points that a company ahs to consider to achieve the best level of success. In ruder to attain best customer satisfaction, the companies need to design and plan the code of conduct that helps the employees in providing the best service and products to the customers that is up to the expectations of the customers. The ISO 10001:2007 certification is an international standard that is developed by the International Standards Organization and is designed to provide a system that conducts research on the buying behavior of the customers and helps the companies in understanding the needs of the customers. The ISO 10001:2007 certificate can be used for the use by the organization that helps in designing the codes of conduct for achieving the best level of customer satisfaction.

The ISO 10001:2007 accreditation can be used by any of the organization that wants to achieve the new levels of customer satisfaction regardless of its size, product type, and work type. The standard does not provide any special components that constitute customer satisfaction. It also does not mention any type of cover station between the company and the customer or the company personnel. The standard can also not be used for contractual purposes. Additionally it is also not intended to alter any sort of rights that are levied by the regulating authorities.

The ISO 10001:2007 certification requirements include the designing and planning of the code of conduct that is to be followed by the employees to attain the best level of customer satisfaction. In addition, it also provides the design of the performance indicator through which the organizations and easily measure the efficacy and effectiveness of the performance of the employees.

The ISO 10001:2007 certification process includes these points to be followed.
  • The company must show commitment to the code of conduct prescribed in the standard.
  • The company must be capable of planning and implementation of the code of conduct.
  • The company must show complete transparency towards the customers, suppliers and employees.
  • The code must be easily applicable.
  • The company must be highly responsive in relating the customer needs and supplier needs.

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