ISO 10002-2004

ISO 10002-2004

Complaints Handling Process Certification Services

For best results in the business, one of the most important things to consider is the level of customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction is essential for the businesses to retain the old customers and attract new customers. In order to achieve this, the companies need to ensure that they have an efficient system to handle the customer complaints so that they are settled in least possible time. The ISO 10002:2004 is the standard that deals with the customer satisfaction and complaint handling. The ISO 10002:2004 certification is a standard certification that is used in the companies to establish a quality management system that helps the businesses in placing an effective system that takes care of all the complaints from customers so that they could be solved easily. A happy customer is the key to a successful business and ISO 10002:2004 certificate helps in achieving that easily.

The steps for the ISO 10002:2004 accreditation are as follows.
  • Studying the system and analysis of GAP.
  • Preparing the quality manuals, instruction manuals, working guidelines, different formats and other documents.
  • Generating the documents, implementation and updating.
  • Proper training of the work force and management.
  • Internal audit in all the departments.
  • Certification audit for guidance.
  • Closing all the non conformities that are raised during audit
  • Annual maintenance contracts.

Numerous benefits can be obtained by fulfilling the ISO 10002:2004 certification requirements. The first thing is that it helps in increasing the credibility of the company and the customers have more trust in the services and products offered by the company. The efficiency of the company is improved at an overall level which helps in complete development of the company. Once the company passes the ISO 10002:2004 certification process, it is possible for the company to develop healthy and better relationships with the customers. In addition to that the system also provides a transparent and open system for compliant handling of the customers. The system provided by the standard is not intended for businesses of all sizes, but it is best for the small sized businesses. The standard address various aspects of customer complaints handling such as enhancing customer satisfaction, recognizing the needs of the customers regarding the complaints and settling them in least possible time.

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