ISO 10006-2004

ISO 10006-2004

Management System Certification Services

The project management is one of the most difficult and complicated tasks and it is very important to take care of each and every aspect of a project to make sure that everything is in order. In order to ensure this, the manufacturers need to place a nice quality management system in projects that ensures best management of each and every aspect of a project. The ISO 10006-2004 Certification is a standard certification that provides guidelines about placing an efficient and effective quality management system in projects. This standard is applicable for every type of project small medium or large. A project in any environment can benefit from an ISO 10006-2004 Certificate. Additionally, the standard guidelines can also be tailored according to the needs of a particular project. The standard is developed by the international organization of standardization. The standard is only a guidance document and cannot be used for the certification or registration purposes.

The ISO 10006-2004 accreditation helps the managers in management of different processes and products quality in any project with a very systematic approach. The main objective of the standard is that it aims for ensuring that all the needs and requirements of the customers are understood and met in every case. In addition to that, the needs of any other party involved in the project, must also be met efficiently. One of the major ISO 10006-2004 Certification requirements is that the quality policy of the organization is also taken in account when the management of project is being done.

The ISO 10006-2004 does not provides the guidance for the project management of a particular project but it gives a complete set of instruction about the quality management in the project with great efficiency and accuracy. The guidance is given about the management of the quality of the product process as well as the process approach that are necessary for the better quality assurance of the products. After the ISO 10006-2004 Certification process has been passed, it becomes very easy to ensure that each process is performed efficiency and precisely that leads to better quality of the final products.

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