ISO 15000-1:2004

ISO 15000-1:2004

Electronic business extensible Markup Language Management System Certification Services

The business collaboration of two parties that are involved in e-business is a very complicated process. There must be several set of rules and requirements that must be used for governing the collaboration as well as the working of the two parties involved in the business. The ISO 15001:2004 certification is a standard that contains a set of requirements that can be used for defining the collaboration protocols and a collaboration protocol profile. The collaboration protocol profile privies the information about the various technical requirements that must be fulfilled in order to do business with a firm that is involved in any e-business. The collaboration protocol agreement contains all the terms that are agreed upon between the two parties involved in eth business. The standard certification is helpful in assisting the agencies in effective and safe exchange of data between them. The standard is applicable in both private sector as well as the public sector agencies. The ISO 15001:2004 certificate makes it possible for the agencies to exchange the data with greater efficiency and it also allows better inter-operability of the data exchanged between them.

In the previous times, the most prevailing problem for the agencies was that the system that they used for exchanging the information was not every efficient for governing the data exchange in the e-business modules. These systems were lacking in the areas of inter-operability of the data which caused inefficiency of the data as well as the business. Additionally, the traditional systems that were used for the data exchange were not very flexible hence the businesses faced a lot of problems related to the data exchange. The ISO 15001:2004 accreditation can be granted to any of the businesses where there is any exchange of data or information. The standard can be easily applied to any of the private and public sector agencies. As long as they fulfill all the ISO 15001:2004 certification requirements stated in the standard.ISO 15000-1:2004, What is ISO 15000-1:2004 Certification, ISO 15000-1:2004 Certification Bodies, Management System Certification Body in India..

The standard has two different parts that are CPA and CPP which contain different information about the standard. The information is mainly related to the implementation of an efficient and effective system that manages the data exchange process between the agencies and ensures the inter-operability of the data. Once the company passes the ISO 15001:2004 certification process, it is granted a compliance certificate which makes it easy for the businesses to exchange the data and information between them.

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